About LP365

Lease Portfolio 365 is a Cloud-based SaaS model which has an array of features and with its numerous benefits will fulfill the demands of the Legal, Admin, Finance & Accounts departments of any organization having more Stores/ Outlets / Branches to maintain their Rental Agreements.

Amazing Features

LEASE PORTFOLIO 365 offers cloud-based software solutions to manage every aspect of lease management with ease.

Enables precise data abstraction with ease

Ensures all key Lease data is abstracted right with ease, providing a rich user friendly experience.

Encompasses all Lease types

Real estate leases can be managed and tracked using LEASE PORTFOLIO 365 robust platform.

Exhibits Property location statistics effectively

with Geo-coding, population density specific to town, state, country or global is just a click away.

Enhanced property management

Provides adequate data to ensure a property can be continued with existing lease or switch to rental managing.

Why LP365

Designed by industry experts, LEASE PORTFOLIO 365 offers cloud-based software solutions to manage every aspect of lease management with ease.

Whether your lease asset portfolio is of any size and located anywhere in the world, LEASE PORTFOLIO 365 handles all data with ease. Being intuitive and robust with its dynamic interface, it gives users integrated visibility of critical data points and allows them to easily generate the schedules and reports required.

An easy to reach dedicated support team for handling queries of any sort for resolution.

Benefits of LP 365

Document management

Manage all your Leased outlets data and documents in cloud platform ensuring strong data orientation and easy retrieval.

API Integration

Integrate all your Internal accounting, invoicing Software through API.

Report Generation

Customized reports on Each Lease details, Rent details, Other expense details, Expiration and Renewal details etc.

Invoice Management

Tracks the number of Invoices and Provisions booked / pending and paid Vs the actual amount.

Rental Management

Track and keep account of all the Rental amounts, Rent Increases, Revenue share, Common area Maintenance charges and other utility charges.

Expansion Management

Property Geo Coding facilitating to know the outlets / branches count - state wise along with total sq-ft occupied.

Notifications & Alerts

Automated email triggers for the specific users for various alerts and notifications for Renewals, Terminations, Security Deposit and other options.

Access Control

Managing multiple Brands within a company, Providing pre-defined access rights to employees associated with, thereby creating an organized and secure work environment is made simple.

Accounts management

With Just having the Monthly Sales data ready, the Revenue share calculations of any Kind be it the Basic Rent or Basic Rent + % share on sales or Whichever is higher for the whole portfolio is automated and handy as reports.


The new age business administration requires a synergic approach on managing the volume and complexity of lease portfolios, ensuring effective time and data management, and optimizing operating cost while maximizing revenue streams. These requirements together demands a need for any organization to efficiently manage its lease portfolios integrated.

This is where a LEASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE takes ownership in improving operational efficiency and helps drive greater business value overall by adopting a collaborative approach and takes on lease operations to its best.

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