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LEASE PORTFOLIO 365 | Property Management | Cloud Technology | One stop solution

LEASE PORTFOLIO 365 offers cloud-based software solutions to manage every aspect of lease management with ease.

Leaseportfolio365 Dashboard Demo video | Management | Saas

Lease Portfolio 365 is a Cloud-based SaaS model that governs the entire Leased outlet's financials & legal workflow. " This Video explains in detail, the various Tabs and Sub tabs of the dashboard view of the Tool which will summarize the following, Income / Expense Lease details. Lease type & sub type, Active / Expired Lease Status, Renewal / Termination Alerts, & notifications and much more. It also explains how to download a Complete Dashboard report for the respective Portfolio Get a FREE DEMO to discuss in brief about the current challenges faced and how we can customize our tool in a cost & performance effective way.

Leaseportfolio365 Introduction Video | Lease Management | Accounting| Property Management

Are you managing your lease-related documents, accounting and property management manually? What if we tell you that we, at Lease Portfolio 365, will be able to take care of the complete online accounting and property management for commercial and mixed use property managers. LP365's platform is built to seamlessly manage your lease units, delivering efficient workflows, planning your payments & get notified prior, storing all your data in cloud, accurate insights, and free support throughout. Get a FREE Demo to discover the reasons why property managers prefer us!

Lease Portfolio 365 / Company & Product - Profile video

Lease Portfolio 365 is a cloud-based SaaS model that provides complete Lease Management solutions for the Real Estate industry with 100% transparency, 100% accuracy, 100% security of data.

Lease Portfolio 365

Being a Cloud based Based Saas Model - Lease PORTFOLIO 365 will be the right choice for the below reasons.
★ Designed by Industry experts keeping in mind the demanding needs of the marketplace.
★ Latest Front and Back end build environments.
★ Simple yet intuitive to give the needed data precise.
★ Easy to access and understandable.
★ Highly scalable.
★ Customization possibilities.
★ Versatile Report generation.
★ Adaptable to any kind of diversified Lease portfolio.
★ Competitive in pricing.
★ Dedicated support team for handling queries of any sort for resolution.
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LP365 -- Demerits of Excel Spreadsheets (Managing Lease Data)

In today’s business world, the commonly used application for Lease management is Excel sheets. While Excel sheets can be a useful tool for many tasks, including Lease management, they have several demerits when it comes to handling Lease information.
What is the Solution and what factors makes that solution, a perfect one..
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RECAM Solutions

Our Company, RECAM Solutions is based in Chennai, India. We are a 'Solution and Service' based company since 2018 having expertise in Commercial Real Estate Domain.
Our Team provides specialized services to our esteemed customers in segments like Lease Abstraction, Lease Audit and Validation, Lease Translations, Contract Management and Administration services. We are the peers in the Translation of Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 languages. We have excelled cent percent standard of Translation Quality throughout our deliverables.
Our Lease team, including middle and top management with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) have 15+ years of in-depth experience into Lease Abstraction process.
We are currently providing services in Lease Abstraction for our valuable clients across America, EMEA, Australia and APAC region having larger portfolio numbers
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